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How to talk to your friends about Digital Twins?

Ian Gordon

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I'm thinking of promoting our HE Ontology in the hopes of a) being able to explain to normal people what we're doing (and why) and b) hopefully securing some interest and feedback from the wider community and ideally other road operators. It's also been a useful opportunity to condense and reiterate to myself what on earth I've been doing with my life.

Anyway, before I fire this into the ether, I thought it might be useful to get some feedback. The draft article is here should you be interested... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/draft/AgGQLPmRvH_kkgAAAXMLChJcc3Cpv-7oz99HbLpUZI7xX7d0XAb4vwRXGvs2CeEVWQ8VnAE

Thanks in advance!

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I like the article, particularly the middle image describing multi-tier architecture. I think you must have much cleverer friend than me ?. My go to examples are domestic IoT/Smart devices to illustrate the connection between physical things and digital applications. The one that usually gets the best laugh is my IoT "Digital Twin" cat flap!

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