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Living Lab/ Digital Twin collaborative workshop @ Cambridge

James Cole

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Hello all,

We are hosting a collaborative workshop at Cambridge University at our The Entopia Building - a leading sustainable retrofit - to design a project to turn the building (and The Canopy startup incubator it hosts) into a 'living lab for sustainability innovation' in the built environment.

If anyone from this community would like to be part of this project, we would welcome engagement in the workshop on 4th December in Cambridge, in particular on the potential for digital twins to underpin data interrogation and insights sharing and communication. 

One stream of the workshop will be considering what a digital twin could unlock, how it could be designed to share (and generate) learnings and insights from the building with academics, industry and policy makers for wider impact through policy and practice.

For a formal invitation please email me on james.cole@cisl.cam.ac.uk 

best wishes,



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The Entopia Building is a fantastic case study @James Cole. There is so much others can learn and would be great if we can accelerate its repetition across the industry.

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