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Samuel A Chorlton

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Whilst being based from home many of us may have more time available for research supporting either interests or work activities. I would like to encourage sharing of these as much as possible amongst the members to try and grow our collective knowledge base. Please feel free to comment on the shared resources as critical insights will prove to be an invaluable asset going forward. Here are some starting resources:

  1. https://theodi.org/article/digital-twins-user-research/ - Interesting views on the conceptualisation of digital twins.
  2. https://www.cdbb.cam.ac.uk/blog - Collection of blogs published by the Centre for Digital Built Britain providing many views and perspectives on Digital Twins.
  3. https://www.theiet.org/media/4719/digital-twins-for-the-built-environment.pdf - Publication for the IET on the opportunities, benefits, challenges and risks for Digital Twins in the Built Environment.
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Interesting Guidance note published by the Smart Cities Council - Australia and New Zealand

Really interesting piece of guidance and an interesting definition of Digital Twins. 


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