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  5. Ian, the problem with so many tools is that they forget that it is the audience needs that should drive the content and what and how it is presented. I believe we need to separate the building of models from the consumption of models. I would observe that in too many cases software products present data in graphs "because they can" rather than because it helps the consumer make a decision or gain understanding. Many software products presenting graphs fail to deliver value because the data presented is unworkable, unusable, overwhelming or all of the above. In varying degrees tools can
  6. Aaron Atkinson

    Introduce Yourself

    Who are you? Aaron Atkinson, BIM engineer at John Sisk What is your industry and profession? Construction Where do you plan to use your new Digital Twin Knowledge? Personally/professionally? Both Why have you decided to join the DTHub? to learn more about DT Have you participated in any of our meetups, or events? No Do you have any examples of work that you have done using Digital Twins? No
  7. Simon Innovate UK

    Introduce Yourself

    Who are you? Simon Hart, Lead on Cros Sector Digital Twins and Head of Construction at Innovate UK (UK Government's Innovation Agency) What is your industry and profession? Central Government Innovation. My original profession is Electronics and Software Engineering. Where do you plan to use your new Digital Twin Knowledge? Personally/professionally? We're looking to develop a long term UK Digital Twin programme to support R&D, Skills and commercialisation of DT's Why have you decided to join the DTHub? I was part of the team that setup CDBB in 2016.
  8. PtrickTk

    Introduce Yourself

    Patrick Tak. I'm living in the Netherlands and working at EGM architecten in Dordrecht as IT admin and innovation manager We're working as an architecture firm specialized in Healthcare. We do other projects in other sectors like goverment, leasure We see a trend in our projects. Clients are thinking about BIM and connecting the data and geometry to their excisting FMS. We want to see if we can provide the model for the FMS This site and group of people seem to know more than I do, so let's hear from eachother No, just joined the platform We've done some proof of
  9. Hi Do we have access to the UK Government Information Exchange Standard (IES) ? I understand that is it DSTL document but I can't find it. It appears on this link. A Survey of Industry Data Models and Reference Data Libraries - DT Hub Community (digitaltwinhub.co.uk) Thanks in advance BR Neil
  10. Earlier
  11. You are all invited to participate in my research and provide insights on digital twin https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7polcFwTo8RK9RLQV652nCSvskqOfLe__tTnAwZ-17X62ng/viewform?usp=sf_link Best Regards Ntando
  12. You are all invited to participate in my research and provide insights on digital twin https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7polcFwTo8RK9RLQV652nCSvskqOfLe__tTnAwZ-17X62ng/viewform?usp=sf_link Best Regards Ntando
  13. You are all invited to participate in my research and provide insights on digital twin https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7polcFwTo8RK9RLQV652nCSvskqOfLe__tTnAwZ-17X62ng/viewform?usp=sf_link Best Regards Ntando
  14. AquamatiX

    Climate Accounting - Hyperledger

    An example was given of applying accounting principles which justified cutting down trees to encourage growth of a spagnum bog because Spagnum is apparently 200 times more effiient at carbon capture and water retention than a wooded forest covering the same ground area and faster growing.
  15. As part of research I'm doing in development of a Semantic Ontology for water systems, I came across an important international group working on blockchain for climate accounting. Hyperledger is coordianted by Linux Foundation and is Disributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which has published its first Ontology for climate accounting as a general ontology relevant to all 17 SDGs. They have recognised the important nexus between carbon and water and have factored the nexus into the current design. It has members drawn from around the world and a number of active WGs. If anyone is interested, th
  16. We all know that Ontologies have a massive role to play in the realisation of the Information Management Framework and the wider National Digital Twin Programme. But damn(!), they can be hard to work with. Create an Ontology of any scale and the existing academic tools such as Protégé become pretty unmanageable pretty quickly. And that's before you try to explain your ontology to any sort of Normal Human. Even the most curated Ontology can be flabbergasting to the majority of people. If we are going to use Ontologies to define the logic behind Digital Twins, and crucially if we
  17. Hi Holger, would you like to add this event to the Calendar too?
  18. ckabanur

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, Who are you? My name is Chandrashekhar Kabanur, Indian, living in Bangalore, India. What is your industry and profession? Railway signalling domain (systems/software/installation/customer interface) with Alstom in India, UK, Belgium and Netherlands. Now exploring freelancing. Where do you plan to use your new Digital Twin Knowledge? Personally/professionally? for application in Rail industry. Initially personally, later if successful, professionally. Why have you decided to join the DTHub? Knowledge base and diverse community. Have you participated in an
  19. The Good Homes Alliance seeks to drive up standards, performance and quality in new homes built in the UK. We have developed a concept built upon existing IP that digitises an assured performance process to enable a comprehensive outcome that will enable net zero (and other desirable outcomes such as health and wellbeing of occupants) to be met and verified. This concept would address a number of issues currently being discussed and deabted by the investment/finance/insurance/warranty sectors and would upskill design teams and constructors because of the built in on demand training that accomp
  20. This conference might be of interest to people here - Carsten Roensdorf (OS) and Neill Bramall (Geospatial Commission) will be talking about the OGC MUDDI model for sharing buried infrastructure data https://gogeomatics.ca/announcement-speakers-for-the-canadian-underground-forum-cuf-advances-in-locating-and-mapping-underground-infrastructure-event-at-geoignite-april-29-30/
  21. Paul

    Estates Managment

    That would be very helpful, cheers
  22. HenryFT

    Estates Managment

    We have a memorandum of understanding with Tech UK who represent the sector. https://www.techuk.org/ . They represent the large firms, but the smaller ones as well. I'd be happy to organise an introduction.
  23. Paul

    Estates Managment

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this Henry, it's something we have had to put on hold for now due to the major HO restructure but once we come out of the other side of it all I know this one will be back on my plate to look into. Also and nfortunatley we are not allowed to work with consultants anymore but we can configure software, not customise, so there is hope but I'd still rather not have to configure a big beast (who's are geared up for landlords not tennants or us as and other retailers who are a mix of both) where we are only benifiting from 40% of the offering to kind of
  24. forrist

    Introduce Yourself

    Who are you? My name is Forrist Tanner Lytehaause. I am a Partner and Director of a cooperative for social good named Planetary C.A.R.E. (Collaboration for Agriculturally Regenerative Engagement) Industry: Global Regenerative Agriculture and the Food and Fiber from these crops. Who is Planetary C.A.R.E. and what do you provide: We are a values aligned gated community functioning as a global commons. We provide members with digital and human technology including Infrastructure as a Service, Food as a Service and Community as a Service. Profession: Comprehensivist Where
  25. HenryFT

    Estates Managment

    I was curious about the answer to this so I did some digging. The UK gov digital marketplace does seem to have some interesting leads I tried some searches: https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/search?q=facilities management https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/search?q=estates management&resellingType=not_reseller It seems there are quite a lot of solutions out there, adding the 'not reseller' filter created an interesting snapshot. My view is that there are consultants out there who have seemingly developed software that is uti
  26. HenryFT

    Insights on performance saves money

    I completely believe this, you can't manage something you can't see
  27. Alexandra Robasto

    How to Users Guides

    Version 1.0.0


    These guides will provide details on how to create or change information and document on the DT Hub website.
  28. RachelJudson


    Ontology Overview The Wikidata ontology is a structure of terms derived from taxonomic relations between Wikidata objects --- Wikidata stores stuctured data for Wikimedia projects, esp. Wikipedia. Top-level For a list of top-level categories in the Wikidata classification: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_Ontology/Top-level_ontology_list Immediate children of ‘entity’ (https://angryloki.github.io/wikidata-graph-builder/)
  29. RachelJudson


    SmartSUMO Overview SmartSUMO, based on a combination of DOLCE and SUMO, is geared toward semantic integration in the mobile computing domain. an ontology over the Smart Web domain. Top-level SmartSUMO is based on a merge of DOLCE and SUMO with a number of modifications not depicted here. Key characteristics SmartSUMO is TLO over the Smart Web domain. It is rooted in the alignment and merging of a descriptive foundational ontology with high on
  30. Semantically Interlinked Online Communities - SIOC Overview A W3C recommendation, SIOC (for Semantically Interlinked Online Communities) is a lightweight ontology for the domain of online communities. Top-level From http://rdfs.org/sioc/spec/#sec-overview Key characteristics SIOC is a generic ontology with a focus on online communities. Relevant extracts SIOC allows the descripti
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