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  3. Hi Mark, Thank you for your links. I'm so happy to see these visions like: (A paradigm shift is required: we must recognise infrastructure as a system of systems and manage it accordingly.) Your documents also validate our project idea as most of the details are in our research database as well. What we try to establish an operating system of the society to help them in collaboration and collective actions based on TRUE information. As our companies already have methods, tools to manage them operation but for the community do not have similar opportunity yet. That is why we would extend the present limited functions of social networks to give tools for the society for a better way to interact with each other across different segments. From foresight to policy improvement and recommendation. Seems to me our project find the HOMETOWN in this community. Would be great to have a chat in the near future. Kind regards Janos Deak
  4. Thanks for sharing @Peter Foxley I always love a tree based analogy.. especially an Oak based analogy!
  5. Hi Humanner. Yes, it's all about outcomes for people, society and nature. Have you seen 'Our Vision for the built environment' (https://indd.adobe.com/view/f2092c85-cd16-4186-9035-e2a63adc2bf9) and 'Flourishing Systems' (https://www.cdbb.cam.ac.uk/files/flourishing-systems_revised_200908.pdf)? Would be great to chat about this...
  6. Peter Foxley

    Do we need an Elevator Pitch, if so, what should it be?

    Given #HenryFT has the task of crafting the Information Management Elevator Pitch (EP), i thought it worth sharing a promotional slide see link _ https://mgbil.box.com/s/6x4jeykyxfwcrxjinco6kmxw4jf7ixjb , which attempts to succinctly describe what we are about, what we do and benefits etc... relating to our strap-line: Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) according to ISO 19650.
  7. Humanner

    Planning Golden Thread

    Can you tell me why every NEW houses same all across the UK? I do not saw in Europe similar boring and monotonous architect - where are the creativity and nice design in housing industry? Why cannot build individuals they own houses with unique plan?
  8. What kind of National Digital Twin will be if you ignore the SOCIETY of need in digital tools infrastructure? How would you like to develop a KNOWLEDGE economy BASED SOCIETY if your system ignore the PEOPLE?
  9. Humanner

    Digital twins in Promoting for Sustainability

    Let's talk about - Digital twins in Promoting for Sustainability https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/citizen-social-science-age-alpha-generation-humanner-/
  10. Humanner

    Digital twin Internship

    Hi Amir, If you interested in scope of social system innovation would be great to have a discus - transdisciplinarian public engagement. Cross sectorCultural heritage https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/citizen-social-science-age-alpha-generation-humanner-/ these are not directly relevant : TransportEnergyResidential buildingsCommercial buildingsIndustrial buildings
  11. Humanner

    Digital Twins Standards Roadmap Published

    Am I wrong or just I can't see any connection with a local council and / or community - COLLABORATION - in this Digital Twins program? Where is any democratic function for local consultation?
  12. Humanner

    Twinfrastructure discussion

    https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/citizen-social-science-age-alpha-generation-humanner-/ https://devpost.com/software/humanner
  13. Digital Twin for co-creators of innovative social solutions It is time to align people and environmental needs through new interconnected collaborative organizational models. Establish the bridge between the virtual and offline world as well as connect academics and communities to focus on social impact by providing the missing valuable functions of the social technology for the common good. We want everyone to be able to share and take joint action on everyday experiences and quality of life concerns; at a local, national and global level. Humans are keystone species in whatever environment they inhabit. - We have known as human beings that our planet is small, fragile and interconnected. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE LACK OF A COLLECTIVE DESIRE FOR A POSITIVE FUTURE BUT THE LACK OF A COLLECTIVE VEHICLE FOR POSITIVE ACTIONS. How Can Technology Accelerate Social Evolution? Digital collective intelligence We sorely lack more concerted support and action to assemble new combinations of tools that can help the society think and act at a pace as well as scale commensurate with the problems we face. We need an entirely different model of dealing with reality, a new frame of mind, a collective intelligence. This is an ability to come into communion with a group and act as a single unit of intelligence. Citizen Social Science in the age of the ALPHA GENERATION To do this by holistically connect the disconnected and isolated dots with each other and communities of GLOCAL society to use technologies and methods to collectively solve problems by holistic approach and Eco-System Design thinking to improve the.. Humanity’s relationship to its environment Humanity’s relationship to technology, and Humanity’s relationship to itself Humanner's system work with a MULTI FUNCTIONAL holistic multisolving approach so that make the investment more impactful. Single investment of time and money - Defined as a way of solving multiple problems with multisolving approach brings together stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to tackle public issues in a cost-efficient manner 1/ "Normal" days (GLOCAL) - Collective Social Innovation Network 2/ In Crisis situation can turn into - Collective Crisis Management System SOCIETY - ISO 37105 Descriptive Framework for Cities and Communities - provides a framework to describe the key entities within a city. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/citizen-social-science-age-alpha-generation-humanner-/
  14. Dave Murray

    What is it, where is it and what does it do?

    My background is in the defence sector – if you are from another sector, do you use a DT for validation and verification? – if so, how? If DTs are used in this way it would go a long way to answering the 'exam question' of this topic!
  15. I think we definitely need an elevator pitch - it can be used as a strap-line on releases and a way to introduce new people to the concept. Those who have risen through the levels don't need the elevator pitch! Something like(?): "A Digital Twin is a software model of a real-world entity that can be used to explore the performance of the real-world 'twin' at any stage of its lifecycle."
  16. I was just writing an elevator pitch for information management which I'm still crafting. I, being me, went online to find some interesting guidance on this. Is it intended as a script? Is it something that you tell someone in an actual elevator, or around a table at a board meeting? My focus has been on being brief, using language the listener understands, addressing a need and providing clear measurable benefit.
  17. Peter Parslow

    Twinfrastructure discussion

    Thanks for the name drop, Michael. I don't think I know about this particular bit of OGC work, but it does sound interesting.
  18. Peter Parslow

    What is it, where is it and what does it do?

    Seriously? If you don't know where things are, how can you run the infrastructure, city, or whatever? That's my understanding, whether the "twin" is thematic - like a rail control system - or general for a city or community, e.g. for planning.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This white paper explores an exciting new direction in the future of good practice – the potential to take an “agile” approach to the development of standards. It considers what is meant by, and included in, an agile approach and where applying this could be beneficial. It also forms an important contribution to the debate over how standards making can adapt to a new, faster paced world where best practices need to be shaped and refined by stakeholder communities in a form of “dynamic consensus”. The paper investigates the challenges and opportunities for everyone involved and offers guidance on when agile standards are most suitable and where they can deliver greatest value.
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  21. During Tuesday’s Gemini call, the above was raised to help promote awareness of the CDBB Digital Twin programme with developers and the alike. This struck me as a pretty good idea.. So based on the Gemini Principles and my understanding of the IMF pathways document, the below is a draft suggestion for the pot, to provoke the thoughts and ideas of the community: The IMF is rooted in the Gemini Principles; a collaborative top-down approach, driven by bottom-up integrated processes, embracing holistic systems thinking and pragmatic ontology, enabled by secured digital platforms, to derive better delivery and asset lifecycle outcomes. Its key value proposition is that it enables the story of an asset, infrastructure system or system of systems, registering its trigger events and the evidence-, risk-based decisions-making, from cradle-to-grave, the digital golden thread generating future benefits.
  22. Open UK Phase 2 Survey is now live, exploring open source software uptake in businesses with a UK presence. This survey will close on the 10th June. This research explores open source software uptake in businesses with a UK presence. The findings of this survey will result in OpenUK’s State of Open, Phase Two Report, which will be published on 7 July 2021. Click here to complete the survey.
  23. MikeGill

    What is it, where is it and what does it do?

    Suspect it is more like: What is it? What does it do for me? I don't think most operational people are that bothered about where it is. That really only comes into play with things like GDPR, patient records and commercially sensitive material. When I'm doing a pitch to one of our internal people, I give them the 30s elevator for the "what is it?" - a bit glossy and has no real substance. The meat of the conversation is about what that person will get out of it. I'll sometimes mention that it is cloud based but that is only as a by product of telling them that our subcontractors and partners can use it too as a collaboration tool.
  24. For more information, please see section 12.3 Microsoft’s Common Data Model Documentation: Fair (annotated JSON)
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