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  2. Paul

    Estates Managment

    That would be very helpful, cheers
  3. HenryFT

    Digital twin Internship

    Hi Amir, great to have you here. Let us know if you're successful 😀
  4. Andy Parnell-Hopkinson

    Wrangling hostile data sources

    It certainly makes the case for automation. Imagine if your job was importing and structuring that data every day.
  5. I would like to open this Topic to know which technical possibilities do we have in the market to develop a Building Twin
  6. Lewis Cullinane

    Digital Twin Guidance - Standardisation & Data Structures

    not sure what that meant entirely @Peter Winstanley... but is the 'Information Management Framework' aiming to achieve a clear organisational structure?
  7. Webinar: Digital Twins in Water Utility Operations – Introducing OpenFlows WaterSight Bentley’s new water infrastructure digital twin solution, OpenFlows WaterSight, connects SCADA, GIS, hydraulic modeling, and customer information into a single interoperable dashboard. Register for this webinar to see how a scalable cloud-based environment can provide your entire utility access into the detection of critical system and individual asset performance information, enhancing operations and maintenance planning decisions. Bentley product success consultant Joel Johnson will share new ways to
  8. Webinar: Building Tomorrow’s Resilience: Why Digital Twins Are Shaping the Water Utility Status Quo Just how effective are digital twins in helping to identify critical points in your water and wastewater infrastructure—like a growing leak or an unexpected closed valve? Bentley product manager Ari Opdahl delves into the possibilities of predictive operational intelligence in this special WEF eShowcase. https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/6892911365133001731
  9. Tech Talk: Seeing Double – How Digital Twins Overcome the Challenges of Water Network Monitoring and Forecasting Watch Dr. Tom Walski, Bentley Fellow, as he shares how water utilities can overcome the challenges of operating their networks with OpenFlows WaterOPS—Bentley’s complete predictive modeling and scenario management solution for real-time water network operations, maintenance, and forecasting. https://www.bentley.com/en/perspectives-and-viewpoints/topics/tech-talk/2019/tech-talk-seeing-double-how-digital-twins-overcome-the-challenges-of-water-network-monitoring
  10. Steven Zhang

    Collaborate on the IMF - join our new networks

    I think I have to agree with 'some people' mentioned above. With a prototype (or a mockup), it will be helpful for getting people's feedback, and help the process of concensus building. Otherwise, the idea or concept of national digital twin can be intengible. I guess "slice of an IMF " maybe considered a type of prototype. Would love to join both Communities to explore.
  11. Steven Zhang

    The future of technology

    Hi @HenryFT Thanks for answering my questions- you defined IoTs as the ecosystem and the rules, instead of the things that I was thinking. It makes perfect sense after your explanation. For a turely collabrative and co-created IoT system, I agree that the ecosystem of internet connected things are not owned by anyone, because it is a shared asset. But the devices and physical infrastructures that makes the IoT system, can be owned by various peoople and organisation (and that what I was thinking). The digital twin in the edge cases and emergencies, as well as 'game loop' are interes
  12. The DT Hub warmly welcomes the endorsement from the ICE ICG White Paper: Covid-19 and the new normal for infrastructure systems – next steps for the National Digital Twin programme. https://www.ice.org.uk/news-and-insight/policy/covid-and-new-normal-for-infrastructure-systems The paper sets out that “It is impossible to expect a transformation of the infrastructure and construction industries to occur without widespread and coherent adoption of digital technologies and data… The rise of digital technologies has led to the concept of the digital twin, a representation of a physical in
  13. Steven Zhang

    Organisational Information Requirements - Free Webinar

    @iain miskimmin Thanks very much! The courses were very enlightening. The collabrative way of mindmapping also helped to reinforce learning. I am looking forward to more courses in the future.
  14. Mark Coates

    Demonstrator project

    Hi @Samuel A Chorlton - no problem I have also upload into resources the “Connected Highway Demonstrator" paper that goes with event. It shows how easy it can be to federate IoT Data in Infrastructure Digital Twins. I would welcome any feedback and/or comments from members Connected Highway.pdf
  15. Autonomous vehicles require digital maps to navigate safely, smart cities requires knowledge of urban features to be managed appropriately, and digital twins require physical assets to be recognised before they can simulate predictive models. All those applications require a detailed representation and understanding of the spatial environment. The ability to create intelligent 3D models of the real world is a critical enabler for the reduction in cost and programme of major design activities. For instance, Highways England is one of the pioneers in developing parametric design solutions for co
  16. I like the article, particularly the middle image describing multi-tier architecture. I think you must have much cleverer friend than me ?. My go to examples are domestic IoT/Smart devices to illustrate the connection between physical things and digital applications. The one that usually gets the best laugh is my IoT "Digital Twin" cat flap!
  17. KReevesDigi

    Twin Tools

    Hello Everybody !! First topic on the lovely new Twin Hub and good to see fellow enthusiasts get engaged. I would be interested to know the types of tools people are using within their Digital Twin journeys and for what purpose, this is important as getting vendors included and supporting the IMF will be crucial success at scale. A few tools we are using in Costain to get the discussion moving (non-exhaustive, only scratching the surface!) : ArchiMate - We use this as the starting point aligned to the TOGAF architectural framework. This is really key as it starts with busin
  18. @Ian Gordon I think there is a lot to uncover and learn from those sectors. Check this out from O&G: http://15926.org/topics/plant-lifecycle-model/index.htm#DataModel I imagine it would be interesting (& fun) to map a potential hierarchy of individual and composite twins (aka fat twins ?) against the life-cycle of the physical system of things. One way to start this could be by mapping the life-cycles of the physical system and overlay the interventions required on top of it. The aim would be to have the minimum number of digital twins (maybe measured by data and cloud cost?)
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