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  2. Peter van Manen

    Digital Twins Tuesday 2 minute blogs

    Greeks bearing gifts .. providing context Today's 2 minute block from Frazer-Nash https://www.fnc.co.uk/giving-context
  3. Tim Goodwin

    Introduce Yourself

    Who are you? Tim Goodwin What is your industry and profession? I am Senior Solutions Consultant for Virtalis and I’ve been working in the VR/Visualisation sector for nearly 25 years. Where do you plan to use your new Digital Twin Knowledge? Personally/professionally? The digital twin is something we have worked on for many years at differing levels of complexity and use cases. How to layer the different data sources into a unified visualisation to aid communication is vital. On a personal level, I always loved the ‘size of the earth to universe’ animations as we zoom out
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  5. BGS and Cambridge collaborated on modelling heat flow from basements to the surrounding strata and groundwater https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0886779818309635, http://nora.nerc.ac.uk/id/eprint/526141/ BGS and Dr Sauer Group worked on an integrated geospatial model at Farringdon Station https://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/doi/abs/10.1680/cpid.61293.431
  6. The idea of a Digital Twin [DT] needs to advance in a standardized and formal manner. As @DRossiter87 pointed out, this is necessary to "support the consistent adoption of, and interoperability between, digital twins for the built environment within the UK" To aid in this endeavour, it is useful to delineate the difference between the following terms: “DT General Use Case” [GUC]: a very short sentence, possibly consisting of two or three words – ideally a verb followed by a noun – ultimately concerned with the brief and blunt statement of the central business aim that is motivating t
  7. I was looking at the landscape for Digital Twin education, so of course I went to Udemy which is of course my go to resource for learning anything. Does anyone remember Googlewhacks? The education landscape for Digital Twins feels a bit like that. https://www.udemy.com/course/digital-twin-a-comprehensive-overview/learn/lecture/14566716#overview https://www.udemy.com/course/digital-twins-philosophy-for-the-new-digital-revolution/ I wonder what people think should be out there?
  8. David McK

    The value of, and from, Data

    For me, Digital Twins are for acquiring, maintaining and exploiting Data - as a means to an end. We need to shift the typical focus of many organisations away from technology and "IT" towards understanding this perspective. I think the real value comes from thinking about Data Flows and not just the Data (store / Lake / whatever). This is my perspective also in the context of Asset Management. I am not associated with Anmut, but I recommend this well-written Report. (They have collaborated with Highways England to do some extremely exciting and useful work re Gemini.) https://anmut.
  9. not sure what that meant entirely @Peter Winstanley... but is the 'Information Management Framework' aiming to achieve a clear organisational structure?
  10. It is proposed that the Information Management Framework (IMF) for the creating of a National Digital Twin will consist of three technical elements: the Foundation Data Model (FDM), Reference Data Library (RDL) and Integration Architecture (IA). The IMF will underpin the creation of an environment which supports the use, management and integration of digital information across the life-cycle of assets. The IMF will also enable secure, resilient information sharing between organisations and will facilitate better decision making across sectors. The National Digital Twin Program
  11. I saw that tweet, I would have preferred an option that said "it's an A N A L O G Y" ... well it is at the moment anyway!
  12. Webinar: Digital Twins in Water Utility Operations – Introducing OpenFlows WaterSight Bentley’s new water infrastructure digital twin solution, OpenFlows WaterSight, connects SCADA, GIS, hydraulic modeling, and customer information into a single interoperable dashboard. Register for this webinar to see how a scalable cloud-based environment can provide your entire utility access into the detection of critical system and individual asset performance information, enhancing operations and maintenance planning decisions. Bentley product success consultant Joel Johnson will share new ways to
  13. Webinar: Building Tomorrow’s Resilience: Why Digital Twins Are Shaping the Water Utility Status Quo Just how effective are digital twins in helping to identify critical points in your water and wastewater infrastructure—like a growing leak or an unexpected closed valve? Bentley product manager Ari Opdahl delves into the possibilities of predictive operational intelligence in this special WEF eShowcase. https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/6892911365133001731
  14. Tech Talk: Seeing Double – How Digital Twins Overcome the Challenges of Water Network Monitoring and Forecasting Watch Dr. Tom Walski, Bentley Fellow, as he shares how water utilities can overcome the challenges of operating their networks with OpenFlows WaterOPS—Bentley’s complete predictive modeling and scenario management solution for real-time water network operations, maintenance, and forecasting. https://www.bentley.com/en/perspectives-and-viewpoints/topics/tech-talk/2019/tech-talk-seeing-double-how-digital-twins-overcome-the-challenges-of-water-network-monitoring
  15. A number of interesting podcasts relating to water. Podcast 1: Digital Twins and Water Utility Capital Planning Water utilities continue to have to address the persistent external challenges associated to the infrastructure budget gap, ensuring that consumers trust the reliability and safety of water services, and that the systems that deliver these services are resilient. Additionally, internal issues may prevent improved insights and more efficient processes around capital planning. Digital twins help utilities take a data-driven approach to capital planning so that time is spent on
  16. Steven Zhang

    The future of technology

    Hi @HenryFT Thanks for answering my questions- you defined IoTs as the ecosystem and the rules, instead of the things that I was thinking. It makes perfect sense after your explanation. For a turely collabrative and co-created IoT system, I agree that the ecosystem of internet connected things are not owned by anyone, because it is a shared asset. But the devices and physical infrastructures that makes the IoT system, can be owned by various peoople and organisation (and that what I was thinking). The digital twin in the edge cases and emergencies, as well as 'game loop' are interes
  17. Ian Gordon

    What is the difference between Twins & BIMs

    I stole a lot of this content and wrote the following: Our definition of a Digital Twin is as follows: A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a physical thing (and its operation) that one can query. This definition helps us to distinguish between the concept of a Digital Twin, and the more established practice of BIM. The key differences are: Digital Twins can and should be part of the construction phase, but the focus of their use is on the operation of existing physical assets (e.g. the 99%+ of assets that are not currently under construction). Within our organisa
  18. @iain miskimmin Thanks very much! The courses were very enlightening. The collabrative way of mindmapping also helped to reinforce learning. I am looking forward to more courses in the future.
  19. Dear DT Hub Community Does it feel like getting started on a Digital Twin journey is too hard? Firstly I agree with you and believe that it won't stay this way for long (believe.. he says!). After several years working in UK infra, I now see more of the "realities" of digital twins.... I've worked as the buyer, seller, and builder of digital twins. I am trailing this theory with a major UK Infrastructure Operator (early stages), however, I would really like to determine the interest of this group because I want to draft up a proposal/action plan. To give you an idea th
  20. Hello, I’m looking to subcontract a company who has the expertise in designing and developing my digital twins art cities and energy management software application.
  21. UK infrastructure, like many industries, is going through a period of significant transformation with digital technologies underpinning much of this change. The current COVID19 situation will perhaps catalyse the pace of change as we consider a new normal. ‘Digital Twin’ in particular is emerging as a core capability that will underpin UK infrastructure as digital transformation continues to evolve. Being a relatively new concept in the infrastructure sectors, the most common question I get asked is ‘what is a digital twin?’ Indeed, the more people I speak to, the greater my belief t
  22. RachelJudson

    DT Talks: Digital Twins in the Enterprise

    Thanks Kevin, I really enjoyed the presentation, and covered a lot of the ground that we have been talking about in the Commons. I hope that yourself, or Costain as an organiastion, will respond to the IMF Pathway consultation before the end of August. ☺️
  23. Smart decisions are made with the help of Digital threads and twins in discrete manufacturing. Anyone want to have a free session, how digital thread and twin are established with the help of CAD, PLM, Digital mock-up, MES, Augmented Reality and IoT, please let me know.
  24. Mark Coates

    Demonstrator project

    Hi @Samuel A Chorlton - no problem I have also upload into resources the “Connected Highway Demonstrator" paper that goes with event. It shows how easy it can be to federate IoT Data in Infrastructure Digital Twins. I would welcome any feedback and/or comments from members Connected Highway.pdf
  25. The Smart Infrastructure Index© builds upon learning from Project 13, providing a user-friendly way for infrastructure asset owners to measure their digital maturity and benchmark progress against peers. Now, members of the DT Hub will have the opportunity take part in the Smart Infrastructure Index survey designed specifically for the DT Hub. Developed specifically for the built environment and infrastructure industry, the Index provides a holistic view of digital maturity: from customer insights to digital twins; modern methods of construction to whole-life asset management. As the sta
  26. Matt Edwards

    Water Industry - Innovation Requirements

    Hi Samuel. Interesting to see the priorities of Yorkshire. At AW we aim to anchor everything we do against our 4 core strategic goals, that includes innovation. I've included a copy of our Strategy on a page for interest.
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