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  2. We are very pleased to announce the release of the first version of the DT toolkit. It has been developed by a team of volunteers who are working in the area of digital twins and offered their contribution on a pro bono basis. The DT toolkit report takes you through: What is a digital twin? What can digital twins be used for? A case study register on the DT Hub A business case template for a digital twin A roadmap to implementing your digital twin It contain a business case template which is intended to help you put together the business case for a digita
  3. If you missed the free webinar last month on how to generate OIRs and critical success factors from an executive strategy join me again on Monday morning. its 1.5 hrs of presentation and 1.5 hrs of workshop. please feel free to attend just the presentation. There is an optional session the following day taking in Function Information Requirements and their impact on delivering digital assets. Sign up and attend what you can! https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2513815/F72E835712666BB4969CC328281F134D?partnerref=SocialMedia see you all then Iain
  4. Hi Kevin- thanks for this. Totally agree that there's a need to think bigger, longer-term and more ambitiously about the role that digital twins can play in driving sustainable innovation and experimentation. Also agree that use case generation can also be a rather siloed, static, internal process and I think there's a real need to develop some type of market mechanism or computational network to enables the sharing of actual data, software, hardware, business models etc. between DT suppliers and asset owners/ operators. This will be a particularly important task if the development of an
  5. Steven Zhang

    Organisational Information Requirements - Free Webinar

    @iain miskimmin Thanks very much! The courses were very enlightening. The collabrative way of mindmapping also helped to reinforce learning. I am looking forward to more courses in the future.
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