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Future Funders, Businesses and Academia

We invite you to take a bigger stake in the future direction and funding of CReDo

Connected Places Catapult is tasked with sparking innovation where it is risky and difficult for markets to do so organically themselves. This is where the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) comes in, we are building a working prototype system that shows how data can be shared across sectors and used to make smarter planning decisions for future climate resilient infrastructure.

As a demonstrator project we are still testing and developing solutions that solve challenges and make meaningful adaptations to improve overall climate change resilience. However, our work isn't done, and we want your help. If you are a researcher whose work could synergise with CReDo's, or an organisation with interesting data relevant to CReDo that could be connected, we want to hear from you.

It's also our job to transition demonstrators and products sustainably back to the market – CReDo is at the start of this journey, and we would like your help to explore all opportunities for collaborative research and development across a range of sectors. We are keen to get input from the market into our future roadmap and gain support for sustainable funding pathways. Can you help?

  • Are you aware of suitable innovation funds where CReDo could make a real impact?

  • Or, do you have a specific use case for using CReDo - let us help you solve your individual challenges.

  • The code-base for CReDo is open and can be used for development and research by others. Do you have a project that could be community-led? The system is being built to enable third-party models to interact with the CReDo knowledge graph and add new insights into the system.

Please get in touch with us via email, or through the CReDo Network on the DT Hub. Email us CReDo Network

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