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About the 4DSIG

The 4-Dimensionalism Special Interest Group (4DSIG) is a group for enthusiasts of the organisational, technical and theoretical challenges that need to be addressed if we are to make the most of data by integrating it consistently within and between information systems.

It was set up in February 2020 by volunteers with Dame Professor Wendy Hall as its figurehead and convenor. The 4DSIG now has over 100 members, many of whom are from a diverse set of industry, academic and government organisations. Part of its success is down to the open forum and range of topics presented, with as much time being spent on hearing from people who are experiencing the challenges as from those who are working on ways of solving those challenges.


The name of the collective stems from theoretical topics critical to a vision for the integrated use of shared data at the right quality. In the last year, the group met online ten times with over 20 presentations and discussions. These have included:

·        Identifier management in distributed environments

·        The foundation data model project to support the UK National Digital Twin programme

·        Data capabilities for crisis response

·        Two meta models used for geographic information

·        Epistemological aware data processing in an era of fake news

·        Digitising measurement

·        4D data technology

·        Giving birth to a digital twin of Jersey

·        A framework for composition - a step towards a foundation for assembly

What brings these topics together is the need to collectively address some long-term challenges relating to the use, sharing and integration of data in and across the UK (and beyond). In the two years since it formed it has provided a forum for emerging initiatives like the National Digital Twin programme and has co-organised a collaborative workshop on 4-Dimensionalism in Large Scale Data Sharing and Integration.

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