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About this network

This network is a window to the development of the technical and non technical outputs of the Information Management Framework (IMF): a collection of open standards, guidance and common resources to enable the seamless sharing of data across organisations and sectors.

This network will be of interest to you

  • if you have a vision of realising secure and resilient exchange, inter-operability, integration and linking of data across organisations and sectors
  • if you want to know more about the steps the IMF team is taking to address the non-technical, technical and theoretical challenges to make this vision a reality

image.pngThe outputs of the IMF span a wide range of expertise and domains, including Information Management, Process Modelling, Data Architecture, Ontological and Mathematical Sciences, and more.

You may find the 7 circles of Information Management diagram and the IMF resource list useful in identifying areas of particular relevance.


This network will enable you to

  • keep up to date with progress on the development of the IMF. As the team’s delivery pace is quarterly, updates are not continuous, therefore we strongly recommend you follow the network so we can contact you when new content is posted. Please click the Follow button in the Overview tab.


  • ask questions to the IMF team on the outputs of the IMF via the forum. Please note that posts in the forum are visible to guests of the website (non-registered members).

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