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About this network

This network has been set up by the 4-dimensionalism Special Interest Group (4DSIG) to meet the increasing interest in 4-dimensionalism and the benefits of its implementation for data integration.

This network may be of interest to you ...

  • if you are a Data Architect, irrespective from your field, whether it is industry, business or the public sector.
  • if you are involved in mathematical sciences.¬†4-dimensionalism draws upon a surprising number of branches of pure mathematics disciplines in the construction of a formal model basis for data integration. 4-dimensionalism¬†should be applicable to a wide range of applied mathematics fields, where the use of models and data to increasingly complex areas is vital, and supports improved and trusted human-centred decision making. This includes set theory, topology, geometry, combinatorics, formal logic ...

This network will enable you:

  • to ask questions to the 4DSIG members via the forumimage.png
  • keep informed on upcoming public events and public outputs from the group. To this end, please click the Follow button in the Overview tab to get notified when new content is posted


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