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Webinar: DMSG & DAMA collaboration event: Making data good for society (Data for the public good and the National Digital Twin)


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Speaker: Mark Enzer, CDBB and CTO, Mott MacDonald
The National Digital Twin (NDT) is a huge idea using “data for the public good” at its heart. The NDT promises enormous value for the people of the UK, both in the delivery of new assets and in the performance of our existing infrastructure. The fundamental premise behind the NDT is: Better data + Better Analysis => Better Decisions => Better outcomes for people and society – which is the essential promise of the Information Age. The NDT is not envisaged as one massive model of everything, but as an ecosystem of connected digital twins. Connecting digital twins requires interoperability to enable secure resilient data to be shared across organisational and sector boundaries. However, interoperability requires a level of data quality and consistency that “the market” cannot achieve on its own; it requires government-level leadership to create the right conditions for “the market” to adopt and deliver to the standards required and in doing so develop and thrive. This presentation will: introduce the National Digital Twin, explain what it is and why we need it, and outline what is being done to deliver it.

Register at the link below for Mark's presentation and others:
Webinar: DMSG & DAMA collaboration event: Making data good for society | BCS


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