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COMIT's Happy Hour - DfMA and Autonomous Technology can enable Building Targets to fall within arm's Reach


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Alexandra Robasto

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Elements within the Capital project world could be transformed through the use of DfMA (off site manufacturing)….. If we take housing as an example, the target set by government in 2015 (1.5 million house strategy) has not been achieved The benefits of DfMA linked with the advantages of autonomous assembly lines have been widely published. If these advantages are correct, why is the uptake so low? Is there a chicken and egg scenario? You need the use of DfMA to increase to gain capital investment (autonomy investment), you need investment to enable a greater output and wider use? Where are we heading?

Join us to hear our panel of Industry experts including government that will discuss the current thoughts and ideas around this subject and what we can do to improve uptake

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