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DT Talks Series 2 - Dan Clarke (Cambridge City Council): Digital twins – capturing the complexity of cities


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Alexandra Robasto

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Cities are complex places made up of lots of interconnected systems. Currently,  policies, strategies and the digital tools that help to define them, struggle to reflect this complexity and interconnectedness. Will digital twins and the ability to federate, help cities to become more holistic in the way they plan infrastructure and services? 

The focus of the 2nd series of digital twin talks is to explore the complex topic associated with the interconnection of digital twins in order to access the compound benefits that this can deliver. It cannot be expected by any solution provider, that “their” digital twin solution is one that can hope to achieve complete market monopoly given the bespoke nature of individual organisations and sectors requirements, histories and aspirations. It is, therefore, imperative that during the creation of these solutions one is considerate of design practices that are conducive in enabling the connection with other solutions [and their needs]. This practice will of course require governance but early reflection on this ambition can ultimately lower the technical hurdles that may emerge in line with potential integration frameworks. 


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