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Pathway to Value - Webinar 2


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Amy Rowley

Event details

A BSI hosted webinar that will focus on a refined schedule of horizontal digital twin use cases that reflects areas of shared value as well as the key performance indicators used to measure and manage their respective functions.  It does so by building on the previous webinar (slides available here), and your contributions towards developing this refined schedule my commenting on the Useful Use Cases conversation starter (available here). To ensure that these use cases are as valuable as possible , please have a look and post your views before the event.


  • Welcome                                                                                         
  • Introduction to Theme 3: Pathway to Value     
  • Overview of Workshop 1 results                                         
  • Discussion* of horizontal use cases                                     
  • Overview of indicator/metric research                   
  • Discussion* of indicator/metric research                                  
  • Introduction to the IMF Pathway                                            
  • Discussion* of the IMF Pathway and potential use case relationships      
  • Misc. Q&A                                                       

* It is recommended that attendees read The pathway towards an Information Management Framework, as well as Convo Starter #1 and Convo Start #2 in advance.


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