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Problem Prototyping - Digital Twin Roadblocks Jam 3


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Alexandra Robasto

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Express an interest: Problem Prototyping - Digital Twin Roadblocks Jam 3 

The DT Hub is running a series of thematic workshops to progress the conversation and surface some of the challenges faced by organisations whilst embarking on their Digital Twin journeys. 

Jam 1 was to Identify the Roadblocks and Jam 2 to Prioritise the Blockers. The third and final Jam in the series is focused on Problem Prototyping, where we will be brainstorming solutions for each roadblock on the prioritised shortlist worked out in Jam 2.

In a high energy session, we will use creative techniques, virtual post-it brainstorms and the 100%Open Idea Frame tool to test out the key roadblocks to see if they can present clear, soluble and inspiring innovation challenges.

Select the button to let us know you are interested in joining us and we will get back to you to confirm your place.

Please make sure you can stay for the duration of the workshop – between 11.15am and 1.00pm. We recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer (rather than mobile or tablet) as these work best for the interactive workshop experience. 


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