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Digital Twins for Senior Leaders' pilot sessions lead the way

Digital Twins for Senior Leaders' pilot sessions lead the way

Catherine Condie
  • Title: Digital Twins for Senior Leaders' pilot sessions lead the way

This week, we completed our pilot series for the Digital Twins for Senior Leaders' course. We tested the course content with 32 delegates from the Department for Transport, Network Rail, Anglian Water, Arup, Turner & Townsend and Connected Places Catapult, in three different delivery formats, and both online and in person.

This is an exciting moment for industry as the pilot sessions lead the way for senior leaders looking to understand what digital twins can do for their industries. The Cranfield link is live and taking registrations for our next online course!

We are grateful to Professor of Digital Engineering John Erkoyuncu and everyone involved at Cranfield University, to our government and industry supporters in the DT Hub community, and the DT Hub team and Connected Places Catapult colleagues.

Find out more and register


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Dr Bola Abisogun OBE


I recall championing this initiative during the days of CDBB [during July 2020] and can only commend the Team at DT Hub / Cranfield for convening such an offer; well done Catherine Condie your dedication in particular has been nothing short of amazing.

Regrettably, the market that we are nurturing at the other end of the talent & diversity spectrum, that exists in many of the 'urban' inner-cities will inevitably ensure that for many senior professionals / mid-career and career changers, such an amazing offer will literally remain out of reach for millions of young people.

An unapologetic leader and disruptor, at my new 'not-for-profit' #EdTech venture, the Digital Skills Academy CIC 'DTSA' we aim to disrupt existing learning protocols and democratise the higher education 'style of learning' and to that end, we look forward to working with you all at the DT Hub / Cambridge and Cranfield University, amongst others [et al], to ensure that the next generation talentpool is afforded the much needed opportunity to 'learn & fail' quickly and chart a path towards 'becoming a Senior Leader' in this evolving sector of digital engineering / digital construction and digital cost management.

With the presence of the new 'Young People Initiative [the Youth Hub Network]; see links below I am confident that my own body of work over the last 30years and specifically during the last seven [post-Grenfell] will be recognised and further appreciated / supported by the DT Hub. Representation matters as does the future of a more diverse talent pool to ensure that we [for our clients] deliver the best possible and sustainable outcome(s) for society.

DTSA targets #EDI with Young People initiative at DT Hub 




DTSA targets #EDI with Young People initiative at DT Hub _ posted on 01.02.24.pdf

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