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Benefits of a National Digital Twin

Organisations currently building digital twins, or in the process of planning to do so, are a valuable part of the DT Hub community. We recognise that these twins are being created for a variety of reasons and have business cases to support them.

The vision for the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) is connected digital twins and we are working to understand the benefits and the means of realising those benefits.

Is there a difference between a nation of digital twins and a National Digital Twin?

Isolated digital twins exist as a replica of an asset with a symbiotic relationship to the real thing. Enterprises are constructing these isolated twins and creating value from increased efficiencies, higher customer satisfaction and safer colleagues. The NTDp believes that there are network effects from connecting isolated twins which offer benefits to society, the economy, business and the environment. Eventually, connected twins could form a national digital twin, but we need to answer the question 'how much better are connected twins and who for?' in order to design the connective tissue. 

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Logic model to quantify the sharing of benefits and scaling up

Benefits of a National Digital Twin Webinar

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