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7 Circles of Information Management

The National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) has developed a view on information management, called the 7 Circles, to divide the Information Management space up into areas of concern that can be addressed separately as well as supporting each other.

You may find this breakdown useful to identify areas and associated NDTp deliverables that are of particular relevance to you.

The 7 Circles diagram has an interesting set of “properties” that allows different viewpoints:

  • Each circle is a coherent area of interest that can be considered largely separate from the other circles
  • When going down from the top to the bottom of the diagram, contents get increasingly technical and specialised, with the Core Constructional Ontology being the most abstract area of concern. Additionally, the number of people who need to get involved in these specific areas diminishes dramatically
  • From bottom to top, each circle supports the level above and is supported by the level beneath.

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